Hob Nob Cream
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The subject of today’s crazy pimp is the newly discovered delight. The chocolate

Hob Nob Cream.

This fleeting challenge proved to be more than a match for me and jez.

First challenge was to make the biscuit base. We did at no time make any measurements, this was to be improvised all the way. Oats and flour were mixed with an egg to create some crumbs. At the same time we added into a pan, butter, golden syrup and brown sugar to create more of a sauce. This was used to create the binding agent for the biscuit. First crystal achieved.

Once achieved we then split the mix into 2 to create biscuits. It was heaven to taste. whacked it in a pre heated oven for 45 minutes at 175 to create a full cooked biscuit. We then used a pudding basin (very rare item to find in Luton) to trim the biscuits for accuracy. This resulted in crumbs which were eventually dipped fondue style into the garnish which we had too much of. Second crystal achieved.

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