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This was when we discovered that standard chocolate when melted would be too runny. So we experimented with a huge range of ingredients to thicken the mixture. We added sugar, flour and milk and cream in indiscriminate proportions to make the creamy garnish which was thickened. This was then applied to the bottom of the first biscuit. But it was still too runny.

Greaseproof paper taped up with PVC tape. Third biscuit achieved.

Bunged in the fridge till the end of match of the day allowed the garnish to be thick enough for us to flip the second half of the biscuit ad finally constructed this beast. The result was impossible to add a cross-section without garnish cream splurging all over the place but the final statistics are very impressive. 4th biscuit achieved 6" diameter with 1.5" height weighing in at 1lb 4 oz and if I’m honest it could be bigger with more forward planning but for an improvised attempt its not too bad i suppose. Tasted nice but a disclaimer. Do not under any circumstances eat with dodgy teeth because your dentist will kill you.

We had 20 hours to eat the said pimp. Any calories gained will have deductions made from loss of teeth and visits to the toilet. Sad to say we still got less than 100.

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