Hecto-Daim (Dime Bar)
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A daim is a bling candy with a crunchy almond toffee center surrounded by milk chocolate. And the only thing more bling than a daim is a double daim.

Logically then (Mr. Spock meets snack pimping, what could possibly go wrong?) adouble double double double double double double daim would be 128 times asbling as a normal daim. Since this is a bit much to say repeatedly, we can approximate with calling it a hectodaim, using the standard prefix for 100.

Ingredients then, for the pimped daim:

500 g margarine
5 dl golden syrup
5 dl flour
10 dl sugar
0.5 dl vanilla sugar (or 1-2 table spoons vanilla extract)
200 g almonds
2 kg milk chocolate

Estimated cost: £15, most of that in chocolate

Start out with melting the margarine with syrup and grind the almonds finely.

Then add all the dry ingredients except for the almonds and slowly bring to a boil. Stir often, since it burns easily. Once it boils properly theheat can be increased slightly, and then cook forever.

It is done when a few drops into cold water snap instead of bend or stretch, then you add the almonds and keep it on the heat a while to get it warm again.

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