God of the Rolos
by for £59.09

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137 bars of Tesco Value chocolate - £36.99
20 bags of Werthers Toffees (fortunately buy one get one free at the time!) - £7.10
Laundry Basket - £10
Bucket - £5
Total - £ 59.09
Calories - 84,320
Weight - 16.7kg

Having been an avid admirer of pimpthatsnack for some time i finally got the chance to create a pimp of my own after a work colleague decided to hold a pimpthatsnack party. I deliberated hard about what to create for the party be it sweet or savoury and finally settled on the majestic but understated Rolo. I'd seen the impressive attempts of the Mighty Rolo, King Rolo and Last Rolo but felt things could be taken to a whole new level and so i embarked on the adventure of a lifetime - or 36 hours as it happened...

Having marveled in the attempts of my previous pimpers i knew i had to start big to eclipse those that came before. Having scoured the supermarket and being coerced by my friend i settled on a laundry basket as my mould and a (new & clean) waste bin as the internal mould to create the well of the toffee. This was already £15 well spent.

I started off with 50 bars of Tesco value chocolate and 10 bags of Werthers original soft toffees albeit it soon became apparent that neither these amounts were sufficient! The Werthers took roughly 20 minutes to unwrap and the Chocolate a further 10 minutes - i suggest enlisting help here. Also worth noting that the "one for me, one for the saucepan" mantra soon makes you feel sick!

I melted the first quantity of chocolate and poured it into the laundry basket as a base about 2 inches thick. This was then left to cool until formed solid.
Once the base was formed solid inside the laundry basket i placed the bucket on top and poured more melted chocolate into the cavity between the bucket and the laundry basket. This was left to set overnight. The biggest problem i encountered was getting the chocolate to set on the basis that the Rolo was far too big to fit into any fridges i had at my disposal!

When the morning came the chocolate was set with only the challenge of extracting the bucket! I poured hot water inside the bucket to melt the chocolate a little and slip the bucket out to reveal a generous well

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