Gingerbread Chav
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Reading through the pimp suggestions section of the site I stumbled on the suggestion of a huge gingerbread man – “simple” I think, “I’m well known for my gingerbread cats in these parts, a big gingerbread man would be easy.” Then I got to thinking “Easy is boring, I want to create a pimp with a bit of bling” The idea for gingerbread chav was born…….

I gathered together everything I thought I would need including several chocolate bars with conveniently blingin’ wrappers. (I don’t need any excuse to buy chocolate but this was a good one anyway!)

I once again used Saint Delia Smith’s gingerbread recipe to create the perfect base for my chav.

I couldn’t find a cook shop with a big enough cutter (even ebay couldn’t come up with the goods) so I made my own pattern to cut around

I then realised he wouldn’t fit on my baking trays! I was not prepared to reduce his chav-tastic height of 20” so decided on radical surgery and cut him in half!

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