Gigantic Fried Egg Sweet
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For the yolk, I added a sachet of gelatine to half a pint of boiling water. Then I added the flavouring and colouring. A teaspoon of each should be fine. However, I didn't realize this would taste like arse, so I'd recommend you use half a pint of orange jelly instead. Pour it into some kind of hemi-spherical bowl, then put this to set. If you're impatient like me, use the freezer instead of the fridge.

Now for the messy part kids. Take your big bowl of white out of the fridge, and add a big lump of the icing sugar (roughly a third of it). Mix it in and put it back for 10 minutes. Do this another 2 times, and the gelatine should be setting just as you put your last bit of sugar in. Return it to the fridge and give it a further 5-10 minutes.

When you take it out again, it should be very thick, but still pourable. Grab something flat (baking tray, chopping board, frying pan...whatever grabs your fancy) and dust it with icing sugar. Now you can slop your goo mixture out onto it and cool it some more. Preferably about an hour.

Now's probably a good time to wash up. No-one ever mentions it, but it was definitely the most challenging part of this pimp. Make sure the water is stupidly hot or else the gelatine could clog up you pipes.

Now that's done, all your jelly/mallow should be set nicely. Pop the yolk out of the bowl and sit it on top of your white. Position it carefully and hey presto you're done!

As you can see it dwarfs the original fried egg. After this photo was taken, I did sample it's very eggy delights. The white was quite pleasant, but the yolk was horrible. As I recommended earlier, if you are going to try this please use orange jelly for the yolk. Also, you'll find the ingredients you can buy for the quoted £2.48 will be enough to comfortably make 2 eggs. I can feel your excitement from here!

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