Giant Yorkie
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Approx cost: £7.00

During number ones easter holiday, number two came over and decided to help make a Giant Yorkie. Why a giant Yorkie? Well as far as I could see, the last one was pimped back in 2006's SO EASY TO MAKE!

To start with, we both went and raided Sainsbury's of the basic milk chocolate. (Being students and all, we are poor.) We chose Sainsbury's because number two had a staff discount card so this pimp probably cost about £10 in total.

Any who, lets get pimping.

To start with, the ingredients list:

Oh, and some more chocolate. (12 bars to be exact.)

Next comes the fun and very long task of melting it all.

And some more melting.

After 30 mins or so, we were ready to pour melted chocolate into the we did.

Due only owning a small fridge, we decided to leave them to set in my garage and go grab some grub to eat. Yummy.

After returning, we went and grabbed some finally set, GIANT YORKIE BLOCKS! Only problem whilst making this Pimp...we ran out of chocolate, so only made 3 blocks of it. *sad faces* :(

TRA DAA! Pictured above is the Giant Yorkie Bar after it got engraved. Standing loud and proud! LONG LIVE THE YORKIE BAR!

Credits go to the following people:

Number one - Anty

Number two - Jess

Anty's mum for letting us use her kitchen and making a mess! :)

And, Yorkie for being so easy to pimp and tasting so good!

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