Giant Snowball
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Although there is already a snowball on the site, we didn’t know this when the idea came to mind in the supermarket. Plus, when we saw it, we thought we’d be able to do one bigger and better. So we did.

Cost: £7.56


2 x Jars of that gooey marshmallow fluff stuff
3 x 400g bars of chocolate
1 x Bag of desiccated coconut
1 x Can squirty cream (this comes at the very end)
4 x Arguments with girlfriend
2 x Tantrums
1 x Saturday evening

So, we lined up the ingredients and spent a few minutes thinking about the task ahead. We decided that a nice big plastic bowl is what we would use, so we got it out. We broke up two bars of the chocolate and melted it in a jug placed in a pan of boiling water. The melted chocolate was then poured into the bowl, and I sat rotating it for about 9 days to keep it moving and to achieve nice even coverage around the inside. This was so boring, and taking too long so I opened the window and stood there to do it, using mother nature to speed up the cooling process. I got a very strange look from a Nova full of chav’s as I stood there rotating a bowl full of melted chocolate, half naked. (what’s the first question at a Chav quiz night? …. What you lookin’ at?

Once the choc had cooled down enough to be left unattended, we popped it into the fridge to go hard (ooh I say!).

This meant it was time to crack open the mallow fluff and eat it while we waited. We (Russell and Rachel) recommend that you do not do this, because you’ll keep going and eat too much which will leave you feeling sick, and without enough fluff to finish the project.

Once hard, we got the bowl out the fridge and tried to remove the masterpiece to see how she looked. In hindsight, we should have put cling film in the bowl first so that we could just lift it out. But, we didn’t, so we had to run the upside down bowl under a hot tap and do it the hard way. Once out, we lined the bowl with said cling film, and popped the “dome” back in, for safe keeping, and because we thought it’d be easier to fill this way rather than have it rolling around the kitchen. Back in the fridge she goes to stay hard while we prepare the base.

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