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Giant Revels

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3x400g bars of galaxy,
2x300g tubs of supercook easy ice royal icing,
227g somerfields dairy toffee,
500g box of icing sugar,
Supercook essence of orange,
Red food colouring,
Egg yellow food colouring,
Green food colouring,
‘Pouch’ of revels (for comparison… honest)

Approx cost £12

1. First off you need to shape the icing (of whatever edible bling you wanna use for your pimp) into a rough ball… it don’t have to be perfect mind… the bling’s gotta be set in the chocolate! So it takes 1 tub of easy ice and a sneaky lil’ cruise to the supermarket because we ran out of icing sugar ‘coz the icing wasn’t thick enough. Y’all might also wanna colour and flavour it round about now… oh, and let it set foo’…

2. And as in all ‘good’ pimps.. melt the chocolate… microwaves quickest.. but I’ll let you hard core pimpers make up your own minds.

3. Now y’all wanna coat the icing in the chocolate and let it set.. and while it’s all setting pour some chocolate into 2 small-ish bowls to make the ‘minstrel’ – which is why we used galaxy… for that characteristic taste (and some good eatin’ afterwards)

4. Now , fending off hoards of hungry neighbours and/or children you gotta stick the 2 halves of the ‘minstrel’ together… using melted chocolate and making sure you don’t miss no crack homey…

5. And while your minstrel is cooling.. melt the toffee in a big bowl and take pimpin to the next level.. by ‘making’ (read trying desperately and failing miserably) the melted toffee into a ball….good luck….

6. Now leave it all to go for a chillin’ the..erm…chiller….

7. Melt more chocolate (you can never pimp enough chocolate). This is to coat the toffee.. and fill any crack that y’all homeys missed

8. You can have a go at making a peanut/raisin revel.. but we couldn’t find a 4 inch raisin!… regardless..we gave it a shot… using a mix of chocolate and regular raisins, and it was looking pretty good ‘til we had to stick the halves together… and erm… I’ll say it was very messy and we had lil’ choco-raisins eeeeverywhere

9. Cut ‘em all up and eat ‘em all…including the raisin ‘explosion’… still tastes the shizz! And half a bag of revels later we managed to find the right centers for the comparison. and ate the rest !

10. now you can brag to yer mates…YOUR peanut IS the biggest….


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