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I'd like to dedicate this, my first pimp, to my new girlfriend Frida, who is without a doubt stunning inside and out. I have a love of many things Japanese, and one of them is Pocky. Now I usually shop at ASDA, but I can't buy any there, but I can buy it at Tesco’s and Morrison’s, so I was determined to do it with ASDA bought ingredients, and for less cost per volume than the actual thing.

Step 1 - Ingredients

I have been informed the total cost was around two pounds sterling; though don't ask me how it was split between the individual items. I have amassed: two packets of breadsticks and two packets of chocolate flavoured cake covering, both acquired at ASDA.

Step 2 - Special Equipment (in addition to stuff you would have anyways)

This was a lack of planning on my part, I had intended to use clothing pegs and string, but the pegs were too strong and kept breaking the breadsticks, so I went looking for something else. I managed to find these really weak plastic bulldog clips which seemed to do the trick. Also, there was no string to be found anywhere, so I had to resort tom thread instead (it rhymes XD). These whit plastic things were not used in the end.

Step 3 - Assembling the Special Equipment

I looped the string between a cupboard and a shelf, and threaded the clips onto one piece of the thread and alternately flipped them over the other piece so they were kept separated a bit.

Step 4 - Begin the Melting!

Find two tall is containers, about as long as your breadsticks, one slim enough to fit inside the other. Fill the slim one with chocolate and the wider one with boiling water, and then put the slimmer one, inside the wider one.

Step 5 - Waiting

Wait. I ended up transferring the slimmer container into a taller wide one so as to get more boiling water around more of the slimmer one. I also put them into a tray because then II could just pour in more hot water without having to pour what was in there, out. Also, anyone wondering what that is halfway down the right hand side of the shot, it's a RC aeroplane without its covering or wings.

Step 6 - Dipping

Start dipping your breadsticks into the chocolate. Make sure to let any excess run off back into the slim container so as to waste as little as possible. Once you have dipped them, hang them up on aforementioned specialist equipment. I would recommend using an extra breadstick as a sort of brush type thing when your chocolate level starts to get low.

Step 7 - Waiting (again)

Wait... again. Once you can touch the tip on the bottom without a wet dob of warm chocolate being left on your finger, you can take them down. While they're hanging up there, it might be an idea to put something underneath; otherwise you're going to have a very chocolaty carpet.

Step 8 - Enjoy!
Once you've made it this far, you can sit back and admire your work... or do what I and my brother did and set upon them like a pack of beavers on speed. What you see here is not normal Pocky in a small glass and on a saucer, but you’re giant Pocky on a dinner plate and in a pint glass.

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