Giant Pink Snowball
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My favorite snack? No Way! Looks like a weird science experiment gone awry....a food that'll survive a nuclear blast. It should have been named "Poisonous Mushroom Cloud" instead. This pink treat is aesthetically pleasing enough to pimp! So I shall.

-10 cups sugar
-32 cups flour
-12 eggs
-baking powder
-cocoa powder
-coconut shavings
-pink food color
-marshmallow fluff

Costs $21.50. Plus, I purchased 3 cake pans and 2 heating cores. I would have bought pans of a gargantuan nature if I had access to a commercial kitchen. Since I don't, 16 - 14 - 12 inches will have to do.

1) Mix contents (other than coconut, marshmallow fluff, food color).

2) Add contents to pan and bake at 325 degrees until done. Heating core goes in center to reduce cooking time. Helps save energy as well.

In order to avoid an avalanche in my kitchen, I made each subsequent layer thinner than the 16".

My oven can only hold two large cake pans at once. So, while the 16" and 14" are baking, I prepared batter for the 12" pan.

3) Add liquid food color to dye the shaved coconuts that infamous pink. Wow! So bright!

4) Baking done. Pans set aside to cool for at least an hour.

5) Remove cakes.

Let it cool some more...waiting....

6) Stuff center with marshmallow fluff. The top tier was packed with excess cake pieces.

7) Frost with white marshmallow fluff. Really pack the sides. Can't have the snowball looking like a wedding cake, can we?

8) Grand finale: Add pink coconuts.

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