Giant NikNak
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Spooned the polenta gloop onto it

and rolled it into a squashed sausage shape.

Then the mighty Nik Nak was ready for the oven

It was at the cooking stage that we hit our second technical hitch (the memories of the Vesuvian polenta explosion of earlier fading into the distance). Leaving the polenta in the foil meant that the mixture was too wet to form a solid shape, but unwrapping it led to the mixture dripping out of the foil and into the tray. We proceeded on a sort of half and half basis - with the foil partially left open to vent the steam while still retaining some of the shape in the mixture.

After cooking for about an hour we took the behemouth Nik Nak out of the oven and added some extra colour

and left it to stand.

After leaving the monster to cool, we removed it from the foil to reveal the finished product.

Nik Naks. Pimped. Sorted.

(And if anyone is wondering... no, it didn't taste anything like a Nik Nak and yes, it was revolting)

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