Giant Flying Saucer
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Is it a bird, is it a plane NOOOOOOOO it's a giant Flying saucer.

To make this E.T.E.C - Extra Terrestrial Edible Creation


4 bowls for shaping paper
Kitchen roll
Pastry Brush

Ingredients -
- Edible paper sheets - 75p per pack
- Sherbet - 35p per pack

Directions -

1. Place paper onto a sheet of kitchen roll as this stops your edible paper sticking to EVERYTHING

2. Brush along edges of paper with a DAMP brush, too wet and you end up with a sticky mess.

3. Once you have stuck sheets together leave to dry.

4. Once dry sandwich the edible sheets between two sheets of kitchen roll and gently and slowly press between two bowls to create your saucer shape.

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