Giant Flying Saucer
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5. Place heavy object on the bowls and leave for around 30 mins.

6. Then remove the kitchen roll and place the edible paper back between the bowls and trim the edges.

7. Remove from bowl and cut slits around the edge.

8. Put the sherbet into on half of you saucer

9. Then cut the edges for your saucer

10. Brush the edges with a damp brush and stick the two halves together

11. Then brush the edge pieces and stick them to the saucer

12. Now leave to dry and Your E.T.E.C is sorted.

A good tip is if you do use too much water and make holes in your saucer just wrap a piece of paper to size and mend the hole but always leave it to dry as if it gets stuck to your hands you will make the holes bigger and get cross and end up throw the sodding thing back into space

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