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Giant California Roll

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Someone posted on the forums about thinking there should be more savoury
pimped snacks and it piqued my imagination. I love sushi. So does my
flatmate. So we decided to make…. the GIANT CALIFORNIA ROLL OF DOOM!

Rice Wine Vinegar ($1.80)
Half a packet of rice (75c)
Four sheets of nori (seaweed paper) ($1.20)
One avocado ($1.48)
Mayonaise ($3.20)
Seven crabsticks ($3.00)
Four Eggs worth of Scrambled Eggs (free – i love having chooks in the

Approximate cost: $11.43

Step One: Make Scrambled Eggs in a saucepan. Don’t forget the non-stick
spray or your project will grind to a halt before it even starts.

Step Two: Unwrap crabsticks (yes, these ones were the only not frozen ones,
and they were individually wrapped).

Step Three: Steam rice in the microwave for four times for five minutes on
medium high so it doesn’t leak all over the microwave. This is a good time
to do the vaccuuming, fold the laundry and check your email.

Step Four: Paste the sheets of Nori paper together using rice wine and a
cotton tip (we don’t own a basting brush). Brush a line on the two joining
sides along the edge and stick. Don’t be stingy with the rice wine cos it’ll
fall apart if you are.

Step Five: Start assembling. Rice first. It needs to be sticky, to the point
that trying to get it off the spoon will result in gluing one’s fingers

Step Six: Add egg. Use a knife to get the crunchy bits off the bottom of the
saucepan after forgetting to take it off the hotplate and burning the base.

Step Seven: Add Mayonaise. Discover this isn’t the mayonaise you thought
you’d brought at the shop, but the ‘light’ version which tastes like creamy
dishwashing detergent.

Step Eight: Add crabsticks. This part was fun. They’re so pretty! and taste
so good fried…

Step Nine: Add Avocado.

Step Ten: ROLL THE THING! I have no idea how I did this. I went to grab it
and it was too heavy, so I tried grabbing the paper underneath it to kinda
start it off, discovered that didn’t work, started to worry cos the seaweed
was drying out, then grabbed it with both hands, folded the rice in half and
rolled. Sealed it with rice wine and voila!

This fed us for dinner last night and my flatmate for work today, with
approximately 20cm to go. It measures approximately 28cm long and 8cm high,
and has made our whole kitchen smell like crabstick. Beautiful!


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