Giant California Roll
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Step Seven: Add Mayonaise. Discover this isn't the mayonaise you thought you'd brought at the shop, but the 'light' version which tastes like creamy dishwashing detergent.

Step Eight: Add crabsticks. This part was fun. They're so pretty! and taste so good fried...

Step Nine: Add Avocado.

Step Ten: ROLL THE THING! I have no idea how I did this. I went to grab it and it was too heavy, so I tried grabbing the paper underneath it to kinda start it off, discovered that didn't work, started to worry cos the seaweed was drying out, then grabbed it with both hands, folded the rice in half and rolled. Sealed it with rice wine and voila!

This fed us for dinner last night and my flatmate for work today, with approximately 20cm to go. It measures approximately 28cm long and 8cm high, and has made our whole kitchen smell like crabstick. Beautiful!

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