Giant Buttons
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What gave us the idea?

Throughout the year we had been looking on the PimpThatSnack Website looking at all the crazy ideas people had come up with. Then, right at the end of the year, Mr Webb came up with the idea that we make our own Pimped Snack, and after much deliberation we decided to make GIANT Cadbury’s Buttons.
What we did!

Firstly, Mr Webb gave the task of making everyone purchase 500g of chocolate (preferably Cadbury’s). While we did this, he booked a Food Technology room for us all to make the GIANT BUTTONS, and pulled Mrs Lees’ arm to assist us in making this crazy project.

After all the preparations had been made, on the 17th July 2006, Mr Webb’s class met in the technology room and began to discuss how we could make the GIANT BUTTONS.

This is how we did it…

1. First, we broke up all the chocolate we had bought (500g) and placed the individual squares into a glass mixing bowl (1 bowl per button). Meanwhile a few more of us set out to make the packaging for the GIANT BUTTONS.

2. We then filled a saucepan with water and heated it gently on the stove, placed the chocolate filled bowls inside, and resisted the temptation to stir (stirring chocolate makes it cloudy).
NOTE: Be sure not to let water come into contact with the chocolate

3. We then dished out the plates to all button makers, and placed cling-film over the top of them, making sure we didn’t make wrinkles in the process.

4. After about 15-20 minutes of heating the chocolate, it melted smoothly into a creamy liquid.

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