Giant Brunch Bar
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400 grams of dark chocolate
a box of cornflakes
a box of oats
a box of sultanas
400 grams of mixed nuts and fruits
50 grams of cocoa
2 cups of honey
250 grams of melted butter
100 grams of cream
chocolate paste (you can use nutella)

Step 1
Melt the cream, cocoa and dark chocolate. Smear this across two large baking trays and put it in the fridge to cool.

Step 2
Find as many bowls as you can, because you're going to need a lot. Combine the mixed nuts, fruit and oats. Add the honey slowly while mixing. Don't get yourself in a sticky situation! (aren't i hilarious?). After the honey is mixed in slowly add the butter until all of the mixture sticks together.

Step 3.
Take out your prepared chocolate and cut into the shape of your giant brunch bar. Carefully add the mixture on top, shaping it as you go. Lastly, smear your chocolate paste up the side of the bar and VWALA - you have a giant brunch bar. So unnecessary yet so wonderful :)

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