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9. The trouble with baking cakes in meat tins lined with tin foil, is that they don’t come out very easily. Well, actually, that might have something to do with the fact I forgot to grease the tin foil. Whatever happened, they needed sticking together with some of the creamy icing. I then transferred it onto a board, and cobbled together a cube by sticking bits here and there with sugar free (for the health conscious amongst you) jam. By the end of it, it looked like Frankenstein’s Monstercake.

10. I then dolloped the cream on the top in a big round mound, shaping it with the greatest care as it was already a bit top heavy.

11. By this time, I was beginning to see just how gargantuan this cake was, and was beginning to wonder if I had enough icing. After rolling it out, I could see it was big enough, but couldn’t quite see how to get it on the cake. Taking a deep breath, I folded it over the rolling pin, and dropped it on the cake. Amazingly, it worked, until I realised I’d forgotten the apricot jam to hold it on. Oh well, after a bit of fiddling and trimming off the excess, it looked okay.

12. The final touch was, of course, the lines of white icing going over the fancy. This was pretty easy, as I bought icing already in a tube.

13. As you can see in the comparison shot, it’s about 100 times the size, but still has the trademark lumpy top. The cross section does unfortunately show the lines of jam, but you could argue, as I did to my brother-in-law, that it’s just that little bit more fancy.

14. BUT that’s not all – with the leftover cake, buttercream and icing I didn’t want to waste, I made a sort of stretch French fancy by cutting open the cake, filling it with cream, covering it with icing and piping over some go faster stripes. It tasted pretty good, and was definitely easier to eat than the other one.

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