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The centre of the button was just squishy enough for the M&Ms to stick, but the edges were too hard. Like most ladies of the night, we had a hair-dryer handy and soon had that button wet and glistening like a first timer.

The estimation of M&Ms was almost on the money with a packet and a 1/3 being needed for complete button coverage.

2 more strategic blasts with the hair dryer had our Frecklicious looking fabulously pimped. After an hour in the fridge to set the M&Ms in place the final show-down could begin

Freckle Frecklicious
Diameter = 2cm Diameter = 27cm
Depth = 5mm Depth = 3cm
Weight = 10g (estimated) Weight = 1.3kg (estimated)

The cutting of the beast was filmed and celebrated with much whooping and hollering.

The cross section revealed our accuracy in dimension and scale.

All that was left to do, other than begin the very slow process of consuming our pimp, was to pose with our creation.

Pimp complete.

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