Flake Dipped/Ripple
by for £7.00

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This pimp was first dreamt up by a thread on the forum and from then on the idea would not go away
(pimping chocolate, not drubbing cockney prostitutes to death with a big chocolate bar let me make this quite clear right now!)
And so, the pimped Flake Dipped/Ripple was born.


20 x Flake bars (though in the finished pimp only 18 were used)
3 x Tescos own Basics chocolate bar (these melt dreamily)
1 x roll baking paper
1 x pack of Bacofoil disposable food trays (cunning ploy this)
1 x Flake Dipped for comparison

Cost : erm, forgot to read the receipt but about £7 in all

First step, lets make not break the mould!

I had considered using a regular loaf tin but they weren't capacious enough to contain a two flake length bar, I happened upon the Bacofoil jobbies and
reasoned a mould of sufficient length and rigidity could be fashioned from these with a bit of jiggery and maybe a modicum of pokery.

I was right.

Some deft scissor work and an application of some super robust and sticky tape ("borrowed" from work) did the trick nicely, a mould of correct length was

Looking good !

Next step was to line the mould with some baking paper, melt some chocolate (about 1 bar) and pour into the mould to make a base.

Once this was done I smoothed the melted chocolate out to the edges and whacked it in the freezer.

Next step was to make two large blocks of flakes and join them together, thus making one large flaky bar in reasonably correct pimped proportions to it's
original brother.

At this point I'd like to point that I had a brainwave earlier and decided to try it out on a poor unsuspecting Flake, what was the brainwave you ask?
A blowtorch, bad move, I thought I may be able to melt the surface of each flake bar but the addition of fierce firey fire only scorched the chocolate.

So it was decided that melted chocolate was to provide the social glue that this chocolate community was going to be held together by.
First sticking bar to bar.

This posed problems as Flakes are notoriously brittle and quite a few of the bars had broken, god bless chocolate glue !

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