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Faberg Creme Egg

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This snack is not big but it is clever. This Creme Egg is getting a
bit of pimpin’ bling treatment innit. Behold the Fabergé Creme Egg.

Creme Egg
Multicoloured metallic balls (from all good cake supply shops)
Tube of black designer icing.

Step one:
Unwrap your pre-chilled Creme Egg, and place it on a silver foil
holder (that you made earlier – as in ‘here’s one I made earlier’ a
la blue peter).

Step 2:
Carefully apply your icing in your chosen design to the surface of
the egg. You really do need the right tools for the job on this pimp
project, so arm yourself with a pair or tweezers or pincers (I
sterilised these with boiling water – in keeping with the health and
safety at pimp regulations 2006).

Step 3:
Now its time to start blingin’ up your egg with your multicoloured
metallic balls. Take your time with this though – this is precision
work. You may even need a watchmakers monocle to help you get a
better view.

Step 4:
Once you have blinged up half of your egg, it needs a bit of time in
the fridge. The great thing about this project is that it does not
take up much space in the fridge (plus you all get to have a peek
inside my fridge to see what LadyV eats when she is not pimpin’ snacks)

Step 5:
After a spell in the fridge it’s time to finish the blinging process
by carefully applying the rest of your metallic balls.

Step 6:
Display in suitable presentation box.


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