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6. Get thoroughly bored of the whole process and enlist help of LSNM and youngest sister to continue kneading whilst you sit and chat.

7. Add some food colouring. For authenticity purposes we chose red to attempt a pinky colour. Panic that icing merely looks blood streaked now and add some more.

8. Realise you now have to knead it all all over again to spread the colour evenly. Go off and sulk and make a cup of tea. Return to find (as you hoped) LSNM and youngest sister are doing the work for you.

9. Time for the mouse to take shape! Whilst you mould it into a vaguely rodent type resemblance, bicker constantly about the position of the ears.
10. Now it is looking a bit more mouselike, add eyes (marbles) a tail (rope) and whiskers (fizzy strawberry laces). Stand back and admire your handywork. Realise you completely forgot to buy real sized sugar mice so conveniently place your hand in view of the camera for some sort of size comparison.

NB – we do not advise getting too attached to your ginormouse and attempting to keep it for any length of time, as this results in your ginormouse growing it’s very own layer of fur…

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