Enormous Empire Biscuit
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We recently discovered this site and decided that it would be really exciting to try and give pimpin' a go for ourselves. But what to pimp became a bit of a problem for us. So since it was our first attempt we thought we would go for something kinda easy, the old faithful empire Biscuit.


1.5 kg flour
1 kg butter
1 jar of smooth raspberry jam
Icing sugar
4 eggs
500g caster sugar
1 peach
1 fan for quick cooling
175 degrees 30 - 45 mins each biscuit
1 massive 14" pizza tray


For 1 layer of biscuit

Mix together 500g of butter with 250g of caster sugar and 2 eggs till a smooth creamy mixture is formed. Sieve 750g of flour into mixture and mix until a non sticky dough is formed. May have to share mixing duties as mixing is very sore on the un-toned arms!!

Plop mixture onto a 14" pizza baking tray covered with greaseproof paper and roll it out, (this is the biggest size that will fit in our oven) and bake for 30 - 45 mins at 175 degrees or until golden brown.

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