Enormous Empire Biscuit
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Repeat this process for the 2nd layer of the biscuit. It would be best to let them cool naturally, but who cares what's best, we used a fan.

At this point it should be noted that the biscuit is very brittle as pimpette found out to her peril. 10 mins and a few choice words later and pimpette had learned her lesson.

Once cooled smother the broken layer in jam, place the 2nd layer on top (without breaking it) and cover with a thick layer of icing. Then plonk the peach on top for the photo opportunity. Please note we could not find a tennis ball sized cherry so a peach had to do.

This is where we made a schoolboy error and never actually had an original size empire biscuit for the comparison shot. But as you can see from the pictures it was enormous.

A few things we learned from our first pimp.

1. Always have the original object to be pimped. 2. Alcohol helps a lot, but hinders speed. 3. Constant criticising of other pimp team members may end in tears

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