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The hardest part was always deciding what snack to pimp. As it was our first pimp we didn’t want to go overboard yet we still wanted to test ourselves and our baking prowess. We finally came to settle on a French Fancy as it had the potential to look great but also make us look like fools if we messed up.

We bought more than enough raw ingredients, just to be sure, plus nobody likes to be caught short. Final estimated cost is about £8.

First step was to make the sponge, we just used a basic sponge recipe which we adjusted in order to fit our large cake tins. We made two batches in order to reach the required height; each batch took about 45mins to bake so there was a lot of hanging about.

Meanwhile, we made the creamy filling. We decided to whip up some cream and add icing sugar in order to get as close a match to the real thing as possible. We decided against a butter cream filling as Mr. Kipling makes no mention of this on his packaging .

Once the cakes had cooled we assembled them to create the desired structure. Next the filling was placed on top in the best dome shape we could manage before the cream started to melt. It then went into the fridge while we made the icing.

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