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England’s Iced Gem

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Iced Gem – Less than a gram
England’s Iced Gem – 1.6kg

1kg Icing Sugar
500g Rich Tea Biscuits
150g Butter
Various Food Colourings
Silver Balls (decoration)


After a long day out and a week of hard thinking we came up with the idea to do an Iced Gem! At first we thought about the colours and bought four different food colourings, Blue, Red, Green and yellow. We then decided to do the England flag colours, well we do need to support our country, so Red, White and Blue it was.

We started of by making the biscuit base, easy really just a packet and a half of rich tea biscuits and butter mixed together and left to set in the fridge for an hour.

Then it was for the fun part! The icing!!! We started off with the Red icing. Nik decided to put the red food colouring in his mouth and turned his teeth and lips bright red! Apart from that Abby and Joy got on and got it all ready, Nik pulled himself together and piped the icing onto the biscuit base.

Next was the white icing sugar, simple really just make normal icing and plonk it on top of the Red icing.

After that was the Blue icing, we had to wait a while though because we had to wait until the white icing had set before starting again.

We put the Blue icing on and then put it in the freezer for about 40 minutes. Got it out and then decorated it. Unfortunately the England’s Iced Gem decided to flop towards the end, let’s hope England doesn’t!!!!!


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