Electron Blue Riband RS Turbo
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Once the second layer of chocolate is down and smooth, place the wafers on the chocolate as shown in the picture. I recommend 2 layers of wafers between each layer of chocolate. Please note, you may or may not need both packs of wafers but they do break easily – especially when creating the ‘half wafers’.

Continue this process of layering the chocolate with the wafers until you have 32 cubes of chocolate left. Use the last of the chocolate to create the top layer of the Riband – this will form the base in the end. Once the chocolate is all gone, put the Riband in the freezer overnight.

**WARNING** - it may look solid but the centre probably isn’t – leave overnight!!

The Riband should come out nice and easy thanks to the grease proof paper which can easily be peeled away.

This shows a cross section of the type 2 diabetes inducing 4344 cal Riband compared to its little 99 cal brother.  Note the different strata. It may not have any bling nut this is a serious, no nonsense, XXL B.I.G Riband and should be merited on it's simplicity and 'Daddy' size alone.

I couldn’t possible begin eating this monster without the aid of a super pimped up 'cup' of tea on my favourite tea tray!

I am not responsible for anyone who eats this Riband in one go. You WILL die. Choose life.

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