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After several weeks of planning to pimp a snack, myself and a friend decided to try and think of a snack that hadn't yet been pimped. After much deliberation we decided on pimping a Drifter.

In a bid to burst the Drifter pimping cherry, we decided we needed to move fast and so it was down to me to consider the ingredients we would need, and to go out and get them. So that's what I did. The ingredients were as follows:

3 x Bag of Soft Toffees
1 x 500g Bag of Caster Sugar
2 x Pack of Ice Cream Wafers
2 x Pack of Chocolate Bars
1 x Tub of Margarine
1 x Tub of Hot Chocolate Powder

Having bought the ingredients in such haste, they then proceeded to sit in the kitchen for a week in a bag.

As is the way of life, situations change, and it was soon apparent that no longer would the Drifter pimp be a team effort. I was going to have to go it alone!!!

It was time to take action, and after a week of 'careful consideration', the pimp was no longer going to be a thing of myth, I was going to bring this beast to life!!!!

I started by mixing a tablespoonful of margarine with lots of caster sugar and some drinking chocolate powder in a small dish to create the mysterious chocolate paste that bind wafers together in most wafer based chocolate bars.

This Paste would now act as the cement in my 'wafer wall'. I spread the paste on top of three wafers then laid them out together length ways. For the next layer, I applied the paste in the same way but staggered the wafers on top of the first layer, much like bricks are staggered when building a wall. I continued this process until I had a ten layer wafer.

After what was a long, and by the end, a somewhat boring process, I knew all too well I was going to have to do it all over again for the second finger, but I suffered for the greater good and all in the name of good Pimping.

Wafers complete, it was now time for the fun part. Melting stuff!!!!

I took a Pyrex dish and greased it with some margarine in the vain hope that it would stop the toffee sticking to it so much. Yeah right, who was I trying to kid? I then unwrapped the toffees and put them in the bowl until it was full up. To the microwave!

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