Digestive to the Max
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Inspired by the joys of the pimp that snack website we decided that Sunday just wasn’t yet complete and set about with our project- digestive biscuits. The cost was...FREE (being that we just grabbed stuff from the cupboards... J)

After Nathan stopped eating them we could get a design idea...

Using a simple plain biscuit recipe and ingredients

we melted up butter and sugar...Which I must add I CLEVERLY used BROWN sugar instead of the average WHITE (urgh...) to give that unmatchable digestive glow.

Then We just mixed in the Flour and hey presto...oh and the egg...can’t forget the egg.

We squished it all into a bowl...using Nathans (larger than mine) Hands and plonked it onto a tray...rolled it out and got busy with a knife. Only this was too thin so then with the other end...and a spoon...but then we got it right.

In the oven for 15 minutes and hey presto, our giant was born

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