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When both halves were complete they were refrigerated until completely solid. The next part was a journey into the unknown - how badly stuck to the inside of the bowls would each half be? The walls were over engineered in terms of thickness because I thought I'd struggle to get the halves out of the mold, but the plan went perfectly and the combination of butter smear and smarties acted as a perfect release agent, and they fell out with a couple of sharp taps

With both halves now solid, and balanced on top of each other, I discovered I'd run out of smarties, so the two halves had to be joined using only chocolate. This has lead to a design vulnerability - a lack of smartie shielding around the 'equator'. In the event of an attack I can imagine a miniature RingRaider (do they still make those?) could quite easily fly along the chocolate ravine and take advantage of a pin hole.

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