Death in Viennese
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We are vet students who have far too much time on our hands – so we decided to pimp an apple pie, however this seemed too hard so we actually did a biscuit, not any biscuit a FOX’s CHOCOLATE VIENNESE!!!!!


300g butter
300g plain flour
150g sugar
2 x 400g jars of chocolate spread
tsp cinnamon
lots of spare time.

This pimp is minimal on ingredients, but in retrospect following a proper recipe would be good – as you will see later, butter is bad!

We are women, so we can cook (though i'm not so sure anymore) and we did it properly – creaming the sugar and butter then adding the rest – GET US! We then put the beast on a “baking tray” to cook slowly for an hour.

We tried to make it look as much like an actual Viennese, check out the artistic skills. Note – DO NOT USE THIS MUCH GREASE – EVER!!! It is a health hazard.

We told you so!!! Butter is bad! Fear not – the pimp continued, regardless of the fact our Viennese turned into a pool of grease when ovened.

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