Dairylea Triange
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I finished off my glorious snack with a pimped up red ribbon and a final layer of tinfoil. Behold!

Then came the moment of truth…was it a true dairylea triangle?

And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for, which required me to hack through cardboard and gooey cheese with a bread knife.

Of course, having destroyed my triangle I ended up scooping all the dairylea back into the tubs I scooped it out of in the first place. And because I’m an ethical snack-pimper who doesn’t like to waste food, I’ve got as much dairylea back in the fridge as I did before I started (minus the bits that stuck to the foil and the original mini-triangle, which I ate). My friends and family are going to get mightily fed up of dairylea sandwiches…

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