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There's a bit of a story behind this one. I was having lunch with a couple of people at work and one of us had wotsits. We started to talk about biting the ends of a wotsit, licking the end and molding them together speculating how long we could get them . The conversation probably went that bit too far and if we been within ear-shot of some sort of authority we would probably have been institutionalised. Anyhow, we thought of making scenes with crisps and even small towns probably being in competition with LegoLand but a bit more tasteful.

Earlier this week my boyfriend heard about on the radio and told me to have a look. I did and I posted my idea on the forum, getting a totally positive response. So I roped my brother in and we got pimping.....

I spend about £10 on the ingredients including Milky Bar, Onion Rings, Chipsticks, licorice, candy floss, frazels, squares, jelly babies and mini eggs.

We began by laying the pavement with milkybar and made the road markings with chipsticks (ready salted flavour however salt and vinegar works just as well). We also used this to make a fence. This is the one thing that maybe wasn't to scale as well as the rest but the ends can be easily nibbled.

Whilst I tiled the house and roof (shoe box) with squares and frazels with icing, my brother built a scooter with hula hoops and chipsticks. I wouldn't advise licking fingers that are covered in icing and bacon flavourings.

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