Corpulent Cornflake Concoction
by for £6.88

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1 x tin (or small vat) of golden syrup (68p)
1 x bag pink and white marshmallows (73p)
4 x 200g bars of chocolate (we used 2 x dark, 2 x milk) (£3.40)
1 x large tub of margarine (98p)
1 x 750g box of cornflakes (£1.09)

TOTAL: £6.88

You will also need:

A lot of greaseproof paper
A bowl suitable for microwaves
Oven gloves (safety first)
A cauldron
About 6 spoons
A washing up bowl (or similar)
At least 3 chefs

Having long admired Pimp My Snack and pondered for hours over what our first attempt at an original pimp should be, our initial plan was to pimp a rice crispie cake. We got very excited about this but suddenly, at the beginning of last week, we were FOILED. Someone pimped it first. Not to be put off, we adjusted our plans and decided to pimp a cornflake cake instead.

First step is to assemble ingredients and tools. Ensure your washing up bowl is sparkling clean, as this will be the mould for your concoction. We lined the clean bowl with greaseproof paper (we had to do a strip lengthways and one widthways to cover the whole bowl, and used the handy lip to tuck the paper over the edges without the need for sellotape or such like).

Then comes the fun part. Break one bar of chocolate like so:

Add a healthy dollop of margarine and whack it in the microwave until you think it might become gaseous (aka. About 1 minute on full power in an 800 watt microwave – can you tell that one of our pimps is an engineer?). Be sure to cover the bowl in order to contain any explosions of a chocolatey nature, and also prevent loss of precious chocolatey goodness.

Once melted, add golden syrup. Lots of.

Stir well (don't let it set). Meanwhile, don't let your assistants stand idle. One can break up more chocolate whilst the other pours cornflakes into cauldron, like so:

Then add chocolatey mixture:

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