Corpulent Cornflake Concoction
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Yes, it really is a two person job. We found that because this process takes several stages (due to microwave capacity and mixing stage) it was best to keep the cornflake mixture on a warm hob to prevent it from setting. Cunning. But also means you have to take care not to let the mixture at the bottom get stuck and burn. Stirring is essential.

Once all chocolate is melted and cornflake box empty, throw the rest of the golden syrup and as many marshmallows as you haven't already eaten into the cauldron. Stir to ensure it gets mixed.

Your marshmallows won't melt, but this makes it even better.

The next part can be tricky. You must now pour mixture into mould, like this:

Ensure the mixture is levelled off and spread to corners. We made a little trough in the middle of ours to enable us to take our final picture.

Next step is very important – marvel at your creation:

Isn't it great?

Now put it in the fridge to set. Don't be tempted to take it out too soon. You may have to clear a shelf of fridge for it.

Once it's set, take it out of the fridge and marvel some more, plus take obligatory size-comparison picture:

Now you may eat. We'd like to remind you that you are about to chomp your way through over a kilo of cornflakes, chocolate and sugar. Have fun and don't blame us if your teeth get stuck together.

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