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Clarnico Mint Cream

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1 kg icing sugar – 1.20
100ml double cream – 0.40
2 egg whites – 0.80
Tissue paper – 1.50
Peppermint extract (10mls) – 0.60
Price – 4.50


How to keep your niece and nephew busy on a wet Saturday afternoon!

1. Separate 2 eggs and keep the whites (scramble the yolks for supper)

2. Put 1kg of icing sugar in a bowl, add the egg whites and peppermint extract and mix together trying not to spray the kitchen and each other with a fine layer of sugar.

3. Add the cream bit by bit until you are left with a thick paste.

4. Tip the paste into a loose bottom cake tin (8.5″/22cm) and press down until evenly spread.

5. For a professional finish smooth using a cake icing smoothing tool

6. Place in fridge until set (min 1 hour)

7. Wrap in white tissue paper with added green tissue paper stripes.

8. Serve to unsuspecting guest (who’s favourite sweets are……..Clarnico mints!)

9. Limit portion size for children and people likely to get a sugar rush.


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