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After pinching one of my mum and dads 'Chocolate caramel covered rice krispies' from ASDA, I instantly thought:"I could so pimp this!" Reletively easy pimp, consisting of:

Rice Krispies(£2.29)
2 large bars of chocolate(£1.98)
1 bag of Werthers Original(I used the hard ones, although the chewey ones might have been a better idea)
Onwards with the pimp!
--In the event that it all goes wrong with the werthers--
Caramel(home made, butter sugar and syrup, probably about £3.00)

Spend about eight minutes unwrapping all the damn werthers,

Place them in a glass dish, over a pan of boiling water.

Wow these things melt slowly.

After afew(10) pour on a tablespoon of milk(unless its actually turned into a runny goop, as appose to the slightly soft stuff that I got). Wait some more...


The werther's wouldnt melt properly, and it was getting closer and closer to burning.

Big Daddy to the rescue! scrape out all the semi-soft werther's mush, and place it in a pan with some butter, and golden syrup. Mix it up for awhile, then add the Demerara sugar, until its a nice goopy consistancy. Wipe the copius amounts of sweat from your brow, and prepare for the fun bit(mashing).

Add the caramel to a bowl full of Rice Krispies, and mix. There should be enough to make the mixture nice and thick. Not too thick though, otherwise it'll be sickly.

Once you've got the mixture to the right consistancy, pack it tightly into a big dish/pan, and leave it to cool.

After its cooled,

Take the krispie out of the dish/pan, and place it upside down on some greaseproof paper/tinfoil, and get your chocolate melting cap on.

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