Chocolate Peanut Rocky Mountain
by for £47.14

Weight: 10 kg= 22,04 lbs
Length: 40 cm = 15,75 inch
Cost: €60,- = £47,14
Calories: 59500!! Kcal.

Production of a chocolate peanut rock … or in this case Mountain!

We also wanted to pimp a snack and we noticed nobody has ever tried to pimp a chocolate peanut rock. So our mission was to pimp a chocolate peanut rock into a chocolate peanut mountain!

We started our pimp with 25 chocolate bars and 19 bags of unsalted peanuts:

Step 1: Melting some chocolate...

Step 2: Melting some more chocolate!

Step 3: Adding the peanuts around 50/50 with the chocolate.

Step 4: Birth of the Mountain!

Step 5: Melting MORE chocolate.

Step 6: MORE PEANUTS! You can’t have enough peanuts ;-)

Step 7: Check the quality of the substance.

Step 8: Rise of the Mountain.

Step 9: At this point the Mountain couldn’t grow higher without any support.. in this case we used towels.

Step 10: We put the mountain in the fridge to make it solid as a rock ;-)

Step 11: The next day we removed all the aluminium foil.

Step 12: Melting moooore chocolate and adding peanuts to reach our goal of 10kg.

Step 13: Modelling the Mountain to its final state.


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