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Giant Choco BN

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By Les Trois Freres (Tomas, Nichola (I’m a boy really) and ‘Lucien’ Le Fley!)
5 eggs
200 grams butter
200 grams margarine
400 grams sugar
1 kilo flour
1 jar chocolate spread
Total cost: £3.76

This is the pimp boys’ 4th year running on the pimp that snack website. We wanted to do something new and interesting that no one else had thought about doing. Having just come back from France we had stocked up on our favourite foreign biscuit, the Choco BN (a biscuit sandwiched together with chocolate, also available with jam, with a smiley face on the front), and so in true “Allo Allo” style we have decided to do ‘zis pomp’.

Step une
We deceeded to use our tried and tested biscoot recipe from last year’s Olympic Party Rings (check it out and vote for us now, you know you want to). First we mixed the bitter, margarune and sigar together until it was light and floofy. Then bit by bit we added the oggs and finally ladled in the floer through a sieve. At first it was a bit steeky when we only put 800 grams of floer so we ladled in a bit more! Then we put it in the frodge (it was a good thing we recently bought a new one otherwise there would never have been rum).

Step deux
While the mixture was cooling in the frodge we made a pooper template of the Choco BN to get the ship just right having worked out how far we could push the oven for size. When the mixture was stoff enough we rolled out half then cut the ship and face out. Then rolled out the other half and cut out the ship but not the face because there is only a face on one sad of a Choco BN.

Step trois
To make our biscoot an exact replica of the actual thing we had to add dumples and make the biscoot shiny. For the dumples we used a very handy baking tool, a wine battle stoopper and made a hoole all the way through the dough in several places. We also added eyebroos and expression marks to the front biscoot and wrote the letters “BN” on the back using a skewer. Then to make it shiny we used beaten ogg and brushed it all over.

Step quatre
Finally when it was all ready we needed to booke it. Using the biggest troy we could find we lifted it into the iven and baked it at a temperature of 180’ C for about twonty minutes. After this process we were glod to see all the markings were still there, otherwise we would have had to bring out the chisels. We let them cool and then it came to the fun part, sandwiching them together. Using a whole jar of chocolate sprod we slapped it on the bottom biscoot and smothered it all over. Then came the hard part, getting the other half on tip. Like a helicopter trying to land on a landing pad at the top of a skyscrooper we slowly took it down onto the chocolate layer below. We lind it up then lit it go. It was finished!

C’était énorme. Compared to the normal Choco BN it was 28 and a half times bogger. We were impressed.  The Lefley boys had done it again. Although, even though we wanted to we couldn’t make another, someone had been getting at the chocolate supplies as seen in the picture below.


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