Choc Krispie Cake
by for £2.00

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3 Bars of 200g Milk Chocolate
Some crispy puffs of rice (for copyright reasons)
A lot of patience and a little boredom

Cost: Approx £2

As I work at Tesco, I found the ingredients very easy to come accross. Now, I know it isn't difficult to pimp a Rice crispy cake, but I thought I'd start simple (after all, I am from Derbyshire)...

First of all, I noted the failed attempts of melting chocolate in the microwave from other pimps, so I decided to use the reliable method... The cooker! So, whilst discovering how fast the chocolate melts onto my fingers, I broke the 3 bars into a bowl and propped that on top of a saucepan of boiling water and stirred. Make sure you're careful when doing this bit, it's dangerous! Well, it is when I get hold of it anyway...

After about 10-15 minutes the chocolate had melted so, quite enjoyably (and with assistance from my sister whose hand is in the picture... and the chocolate...) I/we added the crispy puffs of rice (copyright reasons) and stirred them in until they were covered in chocolate... mmmmm!

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