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Team B consisted of four people who successfully avoided any useful camera photos of themselves. They were designated Asda as their shopping market of choice however had to abort and steal our designation of Tesco’s due to lack of availability of ingredients. They did however manage to locate the white marshmallows which our team failed to source.

H7 Ingredients:
4 bags of mini marshmallows
15 or so blocks of jelly

The jelly was made the way any normal jelly was, except using as little water as possible to get better consistency and a heart shaped cake tin which was then left to set somewhat in the fridge.

The marshmallows were then melted in exactly the same way as for the W7. Well, these were done first so the W7 ones were melted in the same way as this.

Once melted, the lovely goo was poured and spread into the cake tin on top of the jelly. Again it appears our photographer has taken an unauthorised break as we only have photos of the final product when it came out of the fridge a couple of hours later.

It is worth noting here that the H7 was remarkably hard to cut into. A standard knife basically bounced off and considerable pressure was required to break into the jelly even using a sharp knife. I don’t think we need much comment on the sleep deprivation that the sugar rush from the H7 caused.

So there you have it. An evening passed, two snacks pimped and many more ideas await the future.


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