Caramel Shortcake
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Now it’s chocolate melting time! Get 2 pans, one bigger than the other. Fill the larger one with boiling water and put it on the hob. Break all the chocolate into cubes and put it in your small pan. Put the small pan in the big pan and keep stirring it round (or it’ll burn). When it’s melted, try not to eat it all there and then and then put it over your cake then increase the flatness quotient (again).

Pop it into the freezer and leave it there for about an hour. After that it’ll be ready to try and get out of the tin. Get a knife and cut round the top of the chocolate to loosen it out and then put a chopping board or plate or something over the tin and turn it all upside-down. Then, get another plate and do the same again to get it the right way up.

Then it’s ready to eat! Gone from 6½ to 22cm long and from 21g to 1.9kg! And have fun trying to get through that chocolate!

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