Cabana Bar
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My favourite bar was always the Cabana, lovely soft and sweet coconut with cherries mixed in surrounded by milk-chocolate - but they were discontinued in the nineties.

Think of this as the Cabana's resurrection, only this time the shroud left behind was made of baking parchment.

Here's the ingredients; some choc, coconut, glace cherries and golden syrup.

I started off with a lightly-buttered loaf-tin, lined it quite badly with baking parchment and poured in some of the melted chocolate to form a base.

I let this set then repeated four times to cover each of the sides - and yes, this was tedious but then I was left with a little chocolate coffin.

I heated up some syrup until it was more "liquidy", tipped in the coconut and cherries, stirred, semi-accidentally ate a fair bit of it which made me a bit sick then tipped the rest into the chocoffin.

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