Cabana Bar
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I let this settle before melting my last batch of choc (and burning myself a little :( ) to form the top/bottom of the bar. Then slammed it in the fridge for a couple of hours and prayed.

I slowly peeled off the "shroud" of paper to reveal a rather unholy sugar-bloom effect on my messianic chocolate saviour. Aesthetically disappointing but it doesn't affect the taste.

Finally I cut this Christlike 1.5Kg eighties flashback baby (needing a very large and sharp knife by the way, this chap was both big, heavy and hard) to reveal it's internal spiritual delights.

My tongue thanked me for recreating this lovely snack although I have no idea what to do with the remaining 85% of it that remains untouched - what's that? 5,000 people in need of a quick snack, I might have just the thing!!

Cost breakdown;
2 x 400g choc @ £1.54 each = £3.08
1 x Glace cherries = £1.05
1 x Desiccated coconut = £0.60
1 x Golden Syrup = £0.65
Total = £5.38

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