Bukabuka Makizushi
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Maki is the name for those little sushi rolls which come in all those little boxes from supermarkets. Got the idea for this when playing We Love Katamari – there’s a level where you roll a sumo wrestler around the streets picking up giant pieces of sushi to build him up for the fight… and if that doesn’t make you want to play that game, I don’t know what will.


3 nori (seaweed) sheets - £1.13 for 10 sheets
about 500g nishiki (sushi) rice - £1.97 per kg
2 tins of tuna in oil - £1.99 for 4
2 peppers (1 red, 1 green) - £1.29 for 3

Also needed:
Loose bottom cake tin
Sharp knife

1. First you need to cook your rice. Now, I find Nishiki rice a pain in the neck, cause it always boils dry. Of course that could be me getting sidetracked, but I choose to blame the rice. Keep your eye on it. It needs 20 minutes, then turn off the heat, cover with a lid, and leave for 10 minutes.

2. The most vital component of the Huge Maki to differentiate it from a big pile of rice is, of course, the seaweed. I decided to cut the nori sheet into strips, and line the inside of the cake tin. I chose not to use the bottom of the cake tin, but instead placed the circular metal thing on a chopping board.

3. Once the nori is lining the tin, place the glass somewhere in the middle. In usual sushi making, you roll it into a big log, but for this huge sushi, we’d need a nori sheet the size of a duvet cover, and arms like Popeye, so we’ll leave a hole to stuff the fish in instead.

4. There’s no raw fish in this maki, partly because that’s how I always make it, and partly because I’m not stuffing raw fish into anything for anyone. Basically, you just open the two tins, drain off the excess oil, and break the chunks up in a bowl.

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