Bukabuka Makizushi
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10. To get the peppers standing upright, half fill the hole with tuna, make a gap in the middle of this, make sure the pepper sticks are the right length, and shove them into the new gap. Then keep on piling tuna around them until it looks right. Perfectionists amongst you might want to make sure none of the tuna spoils the whiteness of the rice, and that the cut end of the pepper is uppermost to give the illusion of being cut from a roll.

11. Now to get the whole thing out of the tin, and here’s where it starts to go wrong. A combination of the rice being too hot, due to my impatience, and the presence of a metal ring, which conducts heat very well, have conspired to frazzle the nori sandwiched between the ring and the rice.

12. Never mind, we’ll just repair it with a few more nori sheets cut into strips. The rice is STILL a bit hot, which definitely helps the nori to stick to the outside.

13. And there we have it! To serve you’ll need 2 garden canes to use as chopsticks, the largest bottle of soy sauce you can find, and an A4 sized piece of pickled ginger to rest on the top. Wassaaaaabi!

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