Bourbon 3
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Well...using an old family recipe timesed by three we created a mega bourbon!

225g (9oz) Margarine
225g (9oz) Caster Sugar
1andhalf egg beaten
450g (18oz) Self-Raising Flour
6x15ml (6tbsp) Cocoa Powder
pinch of salt
granulated sugar to dust

Filling Ingredients;
3x15ml (1tbsp) cocoa powder
150g (6oz) butter
3 drops vanilla essence
300g (12oz) icing sugar

1st Get your groove on with some decent music! Then cream the margarine and caster Sugar together: you may want to get a big team together for this as it gets very tiring. Try not to think about by dancing away just make sure you don't drop any!!!

Then maybe take a break your arms will be aching! Add egg, flour, cocoa, salt (for preserving your creation) and milk togehter to make a dough. Don't be afraid to get your hands in there although make sure you don't have long nails or half the mixture may get lost!

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