Bitchin' Boost
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24 Bars of Cadburys Boost
345g Asda soft toffees
200g Cadbury dairy milk


I started off by spending a fortune on what seemed like 500 bars (actually 24) of actual genuine scrummy Boosts!! Oh and toffee, and extra choco-yummy-late!

After a tedious amount of time unwrapping the bars and individual toffees I then thought, Oh God where do I start!

As I have no idea how the fondant stuff inside the bars is made, I thought it would be best to use the actual ones. So then to get it out….

Sporting a sexy snail plaster whilst cutting the toffee away (and part of my thumb) I dissected the innards with great care. (Every one of the insides broke until I got to the 23rd, and because I was on a mission to take it out in one full piece, I took extra care and finally managed it!! Yipee!)

Got some greaseproof paper off my mum and moulded the insides all together into one giant gooey mess! (Microwave was fab at this point because the potato masher just didn’t cut it!!)

After it cooled a lot, then came the toffee!! Well sticky!

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