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Big Kit Kat

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The ingredients:

8 bars chocolate

1 pack of wafers

Cost: £3.50

We started by breaking up all of the chocolate into peices, it was very hard to resist eating any. So we did.

Well next came the melting……the best part in our opinion!

We had a lot of trouble choosing something to use as a mould becuse we wanted it to have to the correct
shape but be a good size as well. In the end we settled for a bread tin. So once the chocolate was melted, a bit was
poured into the tin, then some wafers layed on top.

This kept being repeated until all the chocolate was used up. (It wasn’t in the end so we gave it to my mum.)
She broke her diet for that people…our food must be mighty good. Once the tin was full we put it in the fridge and
sat down for a hard earned drink.

About an hour or so later the kit-kat mahoosive was complete!

And it’s still sitting in my fridge waiting to be devoured. It looks like it could take a bit of a bite as the chocolate
is extremely thick in places. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!


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